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Our customers who use Stanley products, besides using high quality products, can benefit from our special engineering studies for their businesses and thus gain the following benefits:


  • Shortening unplanned downtime

  • Lowering the amount of oil consumption

  • Lowering machine spare parts consumption

  • Ensuring improvements in safety and environmental issues

  • Reducing purchasing and labor costs

Our engineering studies carried out in order to obtain the above mentioned gains;


Choosing the right oil for our vehicle has become a very important issue with automotive technologies that have rapidly progressed and diversified in recent years. Our customers can see STANLEY products that are technically suitable for their vehicles by using our Fullmatch program, which uses the factory data of original vehicle and equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Fullcheck LAB

Our customers who receive Fullcheck LAB service can benefit from the most appropriate analysis services by using customized tests and evaluation algorithms according to the field of activity of their business, have information about the status of their critical equipment, follow the changes with trend analysis and have the opportunity to get the highest level of performance from their equipment with the comments of our experts. Fullcheck LAB allows you to make detailed analysis and plan your maintenance activities with its tailored, understandable, useful and dynamic reports.

Fullcheck CPM

Fullcheck CPM (Chemical Process Management) is a field management program specially designed for businesses that guarantees the traceability and sustainability of all your maintenance processes related to "Oils and Liquids" used in businesses. With Fullcheck CPM, our customers can reach their preventive and predictive maintenance goals, minimize oil-related breakdowns and downtime, prevent oil losses and reduce oil consumption. It increases the operating efficiency and decreases the total operating costs.


Technical Training Activities

We provide consultancy services to our customers on matters such as answering questions about oils and lubrication, oil and lubrication recommendations for applications, and improving recommendations in the field of safety and environment.

Trainings on lubrication and lubrication technologies are organized by Stanley experts for the relevant personnel in our customers' businesses in order to increase their efficiency in the application. These trainings contain information about the properties of oils used in many different applications, from the production process of oils to engine oils, from hydraulic oils to gear oils, and issues to be considered in lubrication. The perspective of the personnel receiving these trainings on lubricants and lubrication changes and their productivity increases.

Technical Consultancy

Through Stanley expert engineers, we provide technical consultancy services to our customers, to whom we are a supplier, by providing developmental advice on issues such as auditing the lubrication-related activities of their businesses, corrective and preventive activities in their businesses.

Thanks to this service, our customers can benefit their businesses in matters such as more efficient operation of their equipment, reducing oil consumption and maintenance costs.  

Lubrication Guides

By the Stanley Technical Services Field Specialist, all vehicles and equipment in our customers' facilities are examined and lubrication manuals specific to enterprises containing information on 'Lubrication Point / Recommended Oil / Oil Volume / Change Period' are prepared. To determine the oil to be used in an equipment, only the information of the oil used in that equipment is not sufficient. 

In order to make a suitable oil selection, it is necessary to have information about the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer, the operating conditions of the equipment and the oil being used. In addition, in some cases, the equipment may need to be examined in the enterprise. However, in this case, specific oil recommendation can be made for the equipment in the enterprise.

Thanks to this guide, the possibility of confusion regarding lubrication is minimized and the lubrication map of the enterprise is created.

Earnings Reports

Our customers, who use superior quality Stanley products, are working on lubricants and lubrication by our expert engineers to reduce their operating costs specific to their businesses. As a result of these studies, the gain from production thanks to the shortening of the equipment downtime, the gain from the oil purchase costs thanks to the reduction of the oil consumption amount, and the gain from the spare parts costs thanks to the extension of the machine spare parts life are reported to our customers in detail.

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